Williams FW07B

Said to be Emilio De Villota's favorite car.

The Scalextric Williams FW07 was driven by him in the 1980 British Formula One Championship..


Emilio featured from 1978 to 1980 and won the series in 1980 with this car taking 5 wins out of the twelve races and beating his nearest rival by 33 points!

Model shown is a Scalextric FW07

Williams FW07 MRRC
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2019-12-05 14.57.35
2019-12-05 14.57.16

This car propelled Alan Jones to be the World Champion in 1980. The set allows his car or Carlos Reutemann to be represented.

Model shown is a Scalextric FW07

WilliamsFW07 DeVillota
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2019-09-26 19.14.26

MRRC version of the Williams FW07b. This set is a copy of the original decal sheet that came with the car.

Model shown is an MRRC Williams FW07

Williams FW08B

The last of 6 wheeled F1 cars to be developed, this also never raced. Seen here in its test livery.

Model shown is a custom built representatin made from a Williams FW07 and a March 240

Williams FW15C

Williams FW15C (5)
Williams FW15C (3)
Williams FW15C (4)

The Williams FW15C was driven by Alain Prost and Damon Hill in 1993.

Considered to be the most technologically sophisticated Formula One cars of all time, incorporating anti-lock brakes, traction control, active suspension and a fully automatic gearbox, it won both the drivers and constructors championships this year.

Designed for the Scaleauto F1

Williams FW36

The FW36 raced in 2014 and this decal set can represent both drivers, Felipe Massa or Valteri Bottas.

The car shown is the Scalextric GP Racer in White C3597

Williams FW43

Williams FW43(2)

Used in 2020 and driven by George Russell and Nicholas Latiffi. The car, although better than the previous years, was still probably the slowest on the grid. Saying that both George and Nicholas did an excellent job, bringing the car home in 11 place 3 times ahead of much better competion.

This decal set is 1/32 scale and is designed for the Policar range of generic F1 cars.