Lotus19-Jerry Grant (1)
Lotus19-Jerry Grant (7)
Lotus19-Jerry Grant (4)

Livery for Dan Gurney's Lotus 19-Ford from 1964

Lotus 19-Rosebud (1)
Lotus 19-Rosebud (5)
Lotus 19-Rosebud (3)

The Lotus 19 or Monte Carlo is a mid-engine sports-racing car designed by Colin Chapman of Lotus and built from 1960 until 1962

Livery for Jerry Grant from 1963

Lotus 19(DG1) (5)
Lotus 19(DG1) (4)
Lotus 19(DG1) (3)

Livery for Rosebud racing Lotus 19 Climax from 1962

Lotus 23(1)
Lotus 23(2)
Lotus 23(3)
Lotus 23(4)
Lotus 23

Designed by Colin chapman for the 62-63 season, the Lotus 23 was purpose built for FIA Group 4 racing. The porsche powered version was created by George Follmer who used it to win a class victory in the Road America 500 and third overall.