Slot Cars for Sale

Slot Cars for Sale

Every now and again I build a complete slot car to display certain decal designs off.  I dont have space to keep all these cars so will be selling some off.  These will be displayed here every so often so please do keep checking back

Ferrari F1-75 (2022)

Ferrari F1-75 (1)
Ferrari F1-75 (5)
Ferrari F1-75 (2)
Ferrari F1-75 (3)
Ferrari F1-75 (4)
Ferrari F1-75 (6)
Ferrari F1-75 (7)

Commemorating 75 years of Ferrari, this is the offering for the 2022 season. This model is built to resemble the car currently driven by Charles Leclerc. The base model is a Policar Monoposto F1 and is brand new and unrun.  The model has been painted in Hycote Rover Flame Red, with appropriate matt black sections.  The decal set is custom designed for this season and is fully applied and sealed in with a matt lacquer.

Charles has also been detailed and has the correct helmet(at this time) for 2022. 

The car will be delivered in its original Policar box

Scalextric C3083 Chevrolet Impala SS


Scalextric Chevy Impala NASCAR from the Pro Performance range. Comes as a kit allowing the builder to change various options. Unstarted and complete except for the two additional motors that would have come with the kit.  It still has the 30,000RPM one however.