Ligier JS5

Ligier-JS5 (11)
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Ligier JS5

The Ligier JS5 was the car built by Ligier and competed in the 1976 season. It was driven by Jacques Laffite to sixth place in the constructors championship and also got 2 3rd place podium finishes

Designed for the DNQ resin body kit (shown)

Ligier JS11

Ligier JS11 as driven by Patrick Depaillier during the 1979 GP Season, where he won in Spain

This livery also available for Jaques Lafitte

Model shown is a Scalextric Ligier JS11

Ligier JS15

Ligier JS15 of Didier Peroni from the 1980 GP Season.

Model shown created from a Scalextric Ligier JS11

Ligier JS17

Ligier JS17 81 Long Beach (1)
Ligier JS17 81 Long Beach (2)
Ligier JS17 81 Long Beach (4)

Ligier JS17 from Long Beach 1981

Model shown is a resin kit created by Joe Santos

Ligier JS33

Ligier JS33 (10)
Ligier JS33 (2)
Ligier JS33 (14)

Ligier JS33 from 1989 had a best finish of 5th place in the Canadian GP obtained by Rene Arnoux. Olivier Groudillard got a 6th at the french GP as well, but these were the best finishes for 89

Sized to fit the NSR F86/89 range of cars

Ligier JS39

Ligier JS39 of Martin Brundle from the 1993 GP Season.

Model shown is a Williams FW15C which has been resprayed in Humbrol French Blue

Printed using Thermal technology

Ligier JS41

Ligier JS41 of Martin Brundle as driven in the 1995 GP Season.

Model created from a Scalextric Benetton B195 as the 2 cars were nearly identical in real life!

decals printed using thermal technology