Surtees TS7

Surtees TS7

Surtees TS7 from 1970 / 71

Designed and driven by John Surtees, he scored 3 championship points and finished 8th in the constructors championship

in 1/32 scale

Photos kindly supplied by David mitcham

Surtees TS20

Surtees TS20
Surtees TS20 (5)
Surtees TS20 (1)
Surtees TS20 (2)
Surtees TS20 (6)
Surtees TS20 (7)

The Surtees TS20 was a Formula One car used by Surtees during the 1978 Formula One season. It was run under a number of different names, each with a slightly diferent livery, mainly team Surtees, Beta Team Surtees and Durex team Surtees. This set can be used to depict the cars driven by Vittorio Brambilla, Rupert Keegan,Beppe Gabbiani and Rene Arnoux

Model shown is the TS20 sold by DNQ and pictures kindly supplied by Joe Santos

Paint used Hycote Ford Signal Orange

Shadow DN9

Shadow DN9

The DN9 was raced in 1979 by Elio de Anglis and Jan Lammers. It had numerous liveries in that season, this depicts the car as it looked at Watkins Glen

Model shown is a modified FLY Williams FW07. Pictures kindly provided by Charles Coates